5 Tips On Finding Inspiration To Write Poetry

The world is full of inspiration for writing poetry, from the beauty surrounding us from day to day, to the emotions that each day brings us. You can utilize this inspiration to create an amazing poem that will inspire you and others through out your journey. Through this BLOG we will share 5 tips on finding inspiration to write poetry. 

Poets can find inspiration from the natural rhythms of every day life, and are able to express this inspiration through eloquent words that put together  become music to the soul. 

Have you ever sit down to write but you just can't find the words or are completely stuck and unable to make yourself start writing? You are not alone! Every writer from a beginner writer to a successful writer has this happen from time to time. We want to share some creative strategies to get out of this mental state and onto a creative flow state. 

Tips for poets to find inspiration to write some great poems:

1. Keep a notebook with you at all times: Keep an eye for places and people who might inspire you throughout the day and write about it. From a trip to the bank, to a bike ride through the park, it can all be a great source of inspiration for the observant eye. Having a notebook by your nightstand can also be a great way to write down ideas that come through your dreams or most relaxed state. There is always an opportunity to find inspiration in every day life. 

2. Get inspiration from a photograph: A picture says a thousand words! What emotion does it evoke within you? What story does it tell? Write about it. Consider Pinterest a great source of inspiration while looking at a certain vibe or mood and recreate it with words. 

3. Write about a distant person as if you were them: Putting yourself in someone else's lives and shoes can make a great poem and ignite you to create something outside of your own experiences. Sometimes it is as simple as to sit back and observe people from a distance, sitting on a bench in the park and trying to imagine what their life might be like. Look for something unique they might do that brings about some inspiration. 

4. Think about your own personal life experiences: Capturing your own past and memories can be truly powerful through poetry. We all have our own story to tell, happy or sad it is unique to only you. Utilize this to create a beautiful poem that let other see you in a deeper level. 

5. Read some modern poet's work: It is absolutely ok to find inspiration on what other poets sense and feel. Sometimes if you are just stuck, it is wonderful to read other modern poets that might push you to be in a different mood to write. All poets have their own unique style and vision and it helps to get a sense of what other people feel to evoke new feelings to inspire you to write something new. Always stay within your own style, but let other poets inspire you. We offer some great poetry books in our web-store to help inspire your senses.

At the end of the day what matters most is to keep writing, keep submitting, keep feeling all emotion, and write some more. The poems that result may not be so great at first, but keep it up. It’s better to write a bad poem than to not write one at all. Practice makes it perfect, and eventually, even when your muse has escaped you, the right poem will emerge. 

Let us know your thoughts! 

Share with us below what inspires you to write poetry when you are going through a writer's block. Do you find any unique techniques that inspire your creativity to flow as a poet? We would love to hear where you are drawing your inspiration from, please share below! 

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