6 Serum Hacks To Boost Your Skin Care Routine

If you are currently using our Radiant Vitamin C Serum, this blog post is for you! This is a way to amplify your beauty routine and have a little fun trying new ways to use the serum. We will go over 7 serum hacks to boost your skin care routine and maximize your glow. 

Serum hacks to include in your daily beauty routine:

1. Don't forget your décolleté and neck: I used to be guilty of this! Many of us forget this very delicate area that shows aging signs first. Don't we all want to have a beautiful neck and décolleté that matches our complexion? Yes! Never forget this area on your daily beauty routine, the years show big time in this particular area and our Radiant Vitamin C Serum will help plump the fine lines and tighten the skin of this fragile area of your body.

2. Apply the serum to your lips: This particular serum is completely safe to put on your lips. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep plump and hydrated, and the vitamin c and citrus stem cells will help prevent or repair the fine lines that appear around the mouth area. Get those lips plump and luscious! 

3. Mix a little with your foundation: A tiny bit on your foundation will make it extra hydrating without it becoming heavy. It will help smooth out your complexion and wrinkles. Adding our Radiant Serum to your foundation will not only give your skin a serious glow, but it will also plump the wrinkles and make the foundation easier to apply, giving it an overall natural look other's will envy. 

4. Use it around your eyes instead of an eye cream: the good news is that this serum is a true multitasker! The vitamin C in this particular formula is so gentle that can be used around the eyes and it is perfect to brighten dark circles and firm the fragile skin on our lids. The Hyaluronic Acid will gently plump the fine lines and wrinkles and it is so light that can be used as the perfect primer before wearing eye makeup so it doesn't make your mascara run with heavy oils. 

5. Use it to keep your eyebrows in check: Isn't this tip cool? Yep! You can use this serum for unruly eyebrows and to keep them in check throughout the day. It will also nourish them helping them stay healthy and to grow thicker. 

6. Add a little bit to your hand cream: Do you suffer from age spots on your hands or wish to prevent them? Adding a little bit of this serum on your hand cream can be a real savior. The vitamin c and citrus stem cells will work on brightening the pesky spots while the Hyaluronic Acid will help smooth out your hands for a more youthful look. 


If you don't use our Radiant Vitamin Serum yet, don't forget to visit our web-store and make it your new favorite. 

We would love to hear about your tips and tricks, share below some hacks that you currently use with your favorite serum! 




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