8 Anti-Aging Tips To Age Gracefully

We all want to age gracefully, after all, aging is inevitable. The key to aging gracefully is actually not that hard or complicated as one might think. It's about consistency and dedication and making sure that you are using non-toxic products to keep your skin healthy while living a healthy lifestyle. 


Here are some simple tips to aging gracefully;


1. Always wash your face: Throughout the day, we accumulate pollutants, toxins, oil, dirt and debris which can accelerate oxidation and aging. Washing your face morning and night helps to keep your skin well oxygenated, healthy and glowing. Make sure to use the right cleanser depending on your skin type. If you are sensitive or normal to dry, it's best to use an oil cleanser instead of a gel or an exfoliating cleanser that might strip the natural oils your skin needs. If you are more on the combination to oily side, then it is best to use a cleanser that will draw out the impurities while gently exfoliating it for a flawless complexion. We recommend our Immaculate Oil Cleanser for those that are more sensitive or normal to dry and our Exfoliating Enzymes Wash for those that need to control their sebum production throughout the day. Both are non-toxic and botanically based for a toxic free living that is also sustainable and vegan.

2. Use a vitamin C serum every morning: vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals that lead to accelerated aging. It also increases the production of collagen which is the building block to keep your skin tight and plump while also having a brightening effect that naturally makes your skin look more even toned and youthful. If you are like me, and enjoy a serum that is a multitasker, try out our Radiant Vitamin C serum. Not only it has a 5% vitamin C that is perfect for all skin types, including those that are sensitive or suffer from rosacea, but it also contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plumped and hydrated and citrus stem cells to intensify the vitamin C without causing irritation. 

3. Use a moisturizer daily: using a moisturizer morning and night will keep your skin stay hydrated and will keep your skin barrier happy. Find a moisturizer that has vitamins, hyaluronic acid and also some anti-inflammatory ingredients like squalane, to keep your skin dewy, plump and protected through out the day and night. We highly recommend our Drench Day Cream and Rejuvenate Night Cream for the perfect amount of hydration no matter your skin type. 

4. Always use an SPF during the day: using a mineral, non-toxic SPF of 30+ daily or higher will prevent dark uneven spots on the skin and accelerated aging. It also helps prevent skin cancer, redness and broken capillaries. Switch to a non-irritating all mineral sunscreen that is also hydrating. Now days there are many SPF versions, just make sure the main ingredients are either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Those are the only non-toxic ingredients to be used on an SPF. Non-mineral SPF can cause inflammation and irritation which leads to accelerated aging. We recommend our Hydrating Sheer SPF 30+. It comes in a sheer formulation and two tinted formulas to keep your skin glowing and beautiful without the need of wearing any makeup. This formula is also reef friendly and comes in an eco-conscious glass bottle free of any guilt and helping our Earth too. 

5. Exfoliate once per week: As we age, the metabolism of our skin slows down and we no longer shed old skin cells the way we did when we were young. By exfoliating gently once per week, you will bring about new healthy glowing skin and your skin care routine will work its best, as it will not have a wall of dry skin to try to penetrate through. Use our exfoliating enzymes as a mask for 10 minutes once per week and there you got it... gorgeous skin. 

6. Do not forget to apply all of your skin care routine to your neck and décolleté: Aging doesn't stop at your jaw line! The neck shows your age and also your décolleté. By making sure you follow the same routine also on your neck and décolleté, you can assure those areas are also looking their very best. Make sure to also apply your SPF daily to those areas! Your skin will thank you. 

7. Your diet matters: You are what you eat! This is just the truth! You can't expect to age gracefully while eating McDonals or inflammatory diets. Inflammation causes aging, so having a non-inflammatory diet full of antioxidants and vitamins and high in protein and low in carbs will make you age and look your best. Make sure to eat plenty of plant based foods that are rich in fiber and foods rich in vitamin C, your skin will tell the story after that by aging beautifully and staying firm for many more years ahead. Make sure to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet too, not only your skin will glow, but your hair and nails will also thank you. 

8. Exercise at least 4 times per week: Staying active keeps you young and looking your best. As we age we lose muscle mass on a yearly basis, this leads to flaccid skin, being overweight and having plenty of other health problems. As we age also our circulation slows down. Our circulation aids in bringing nutrients to our skin that it needs to stay youthful. By increasing your aerobic exercise, so does your circulation. Your skin and body will be more nourished from the increase blood flow and you will feel and look great in the process. 

What do you do to feel and look your best? If you have a tip not listed here, please share below! 


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