Benefits of Lavender Oil on the Skin

Everyone knows the beautiful lavender scent for its relaxing qualities, but what about its benefits topically? There are so many benefits of lavender oil on the skin and I am going to walk through some of the top below.

Lavender comes from the 'mint' family, but its scent is quite unique. Most people know lavender for its ability to fight off headaches, help reduce stress and keep bugs away, but there is so much more to lavender that can be learned.

When lavender is used as an ingredient on a skincare routine, it can help fight acne. Believe it or not, acne starts to happen when your skin is a bit dry, in order to fight the dryness you skin starts over producing sebum which can lead to more bacteria and acne if left untreated. Lavender has the ability to moisturize the skin while providing anti-bacterial properties and is non-comedogenic.

This beautiful natural oil is a natural antiseptic and is also capable of soothing eczema and flaky skin. It not just soothing for your senses but also your skin. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that aid in healing the skin from irritation and redness.

What are the benefits of lavender oil on the skin?

  1. Detoxifies skin
  2. Wound repairs irritated skin
  3. Help prevent wrinkles due to its beneficial phytochemicals & antioxidants.
  4. It's an ingredient that unites mind, body and beauty.

One important thing to note is to never use pure lavender oil on the skin as it must be mixed properly with other carrier oils or ingredients so you get the full benefits without any side effects. Some oils on their pure form can actually be irritating to our delicate barrier. If you suffer from acne, eczema, dry skin, aging or simply would love to relax your senses, this ingredient is for you.

Where can I buy lavender oil for the skin?

Check out our REJUVENATE NIGHT CREAM and experience this beautiful ingredient right before bedtime when it can repair your skin through the night while calming your nerves down after a long day of work.

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