How An Alchemic Skin Care Routine Can Bring Total Harmony To Mind, Body & Spirit

The Art of Alchemy started way back on 2000BC in Ancient Egypt, where the city of Alexandria was a center of alchemical knowledge, though there are also early known beginnings in China, created by the sage Lao Tzu. It all began as a mixture of practical knowledge and how to apply it on the nature of matter. Later evolved to the science we know today as chemistry. 

Legend has that the founder of Egyptian alchemy was the god Thoth. The legend states that he wrote "The Forty-Two Books Of Knowledge" covering alchemy. 

What Is Our Unique Approach To Alchemy And How Do We Apply It To Poet's Garden Alchemist Skincare: 

1. Transmutation of botanical elements to create a pure elixir for the skin with curative benefits.

2. Drawing out the “living” life force elements of each plant to create a potent formula that will also invigorate your body and senses through the energy contained on each botanical ingredient. 

3. Alchemical practices on the human spirit to also heal the soul through more than just skin care, in this case using poetry to get in touch with human emotion and the spirit to deepen the experience. 

We believe that our products can harmonize not just your skin, but also your spirit. It is a "whole" experience which creates our alchemic Skin Poetry. A new way of self-care, we didn't want to be just another skin-deep skincare brand, we wanted to take self-love to a deeper level. Our brand combines the best botanical elixirs with clinical-grade formulations. With Poet's Garden Alchemist your self-love routine becomes a mindful one, full of magic and romanticism.

We ritualized our unique alchemic skin care routine through soul searching poetry and even crystal bath bombs to get your energy and vibes back on track. This combination delivers renewal and cleanses your body of harmful emotions that stay locked up inside. We open those emotions for healing and help you feel inspired through poetry, delivering a true artistic and spiritual routine.


Transforming yourself through our alchemy:

For us, beauty is kind. Our potent botanicals and essential oils within our formulas have properties that harmonize your energetic body while our poetry transforms your heart and soul and detoxifies emotions. We believe by deepening the meaning of beauty, it is easier to find self-acceptance and love. This is the beginning of transforming one-self into a beautiful being. True beauty lies within. Together, we can discover that true beauty is a state of mind, join us on our quest to healing the skin, the body and the spirit, starting with YOU.

Take our SKIN QUIZ to find your alchemic routine.


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We are Poets on a mission to not only illuminate your skin but also your soul.

Virginia Guarddon, Founder