Springtime Skin Tips | Best Natural Skincare Routine

Do you wonder how to transition from a winter weather skin care routine to a springtime skin care routine? We would love to share some tips for the best natural skincare routine. 

With the weather getting sunnier, warmer and more humid, we must also think about what our skin will need for the warmer months to stay in top shape. 

Below a basic natural skincare routine:

- Switch your heavy moisturizer for a light gel moisturizer. Our skin tends to hold more moisture during the spring and summer months, so you won't need a heavy moisturizer during these months unless you are severely dry. Poet's Garden Alchemist offers a lovely gel moisturizer called DRENCH that is well suited for all skin types and seasons. It is water based and contains hyaluronic acid to help retain water within the skin for a flawless complexion no matter the weather! 

- Use a Vit.C Serum daily. With the sunnier days ahead, vitamin c is a must to protect your skin against sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. It also helps protecting your skin against pollutants and environmental aggressors and keep it even toned and glowing during the warmer months. Protecting your skin is key for the beauty of your skin in years to come! Vitamin C also firms the skin, helps create more collagen and heals active breakouts and scars. We recommend our RADIANT VIT. C SERUM. Not only it is great for even the most sensitive skin types, but it also contains Hyaluronic Acid for those too oily to wear a moisturizer. It can be used by itself (combination to oilier skin types) or with our Drench moisturizer afterwards for all other skin types. Get ready for a serious glow! 

- Make sure to exfoliate your skin gently a couple of times per week for new, gorgeous skin. Exfoliating is a must for vibrant skin, and it will help all of your other skincare products work their best. Do not over exfoliate as it can destroy your protective skin barrier against environmental aggressors, just once or twice per week is about perfect for your skin to be bright and healthy.

- Don't forget to finish your day time routine with an SPF to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays! We recommend a physical SPF instead of a chemical one that is at least SPF 30+

- Wear less makeup, natural/nude skin is beautiful! If you love wearing makeup, make sure to find a good mineral makeup free of toxic ingredients & chemicals, your skin will thank you and will stay clear during the warmer months.

- Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, because staying hydrated is the key to gorgeous skin and also a healthy body no matter the season! 

- Make sure to get some rest every night, at least 8 hours per night. Beauty sleep is real! Your body regenerates and heals through the night, so sleeping 8 hours per day is a must, not just for your overall health, but for a beautiful and rested complexion. 


**Make sure to check out our store to find out more about our DRENCH moisturizer and our Radiant Vit. C Serum and get ready for beautiful skin. Our skincare is free of toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals, all of our products are vegan and cruelty free. Experience our Skin Poetry. You are a work of ART and you deserve ART for your skin.

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