Let's talk about simple ways to celebrate National Poetry Month. April is a romantic month, a month for the Bohemians, dreamers, poets and artists. It is the largest literary celebration where we celebrate the importance of poetry in our lives. This celebration was created on 1996 as a way to bring appreciation for this literary genre around the world. 

A couple of simple ways anyone can celebrate National Poetry Month:

1. Write a poem every day! Even if you aren't a writer, this would be so fun to do and a way to give someone you love some words from you. You can express love, kindness, or any other feeling that you wish to express. It is extremely therapeutic to write your emotions, so have fun with it! If you rather to write them in a personal journal, do so! Either way, it will make you feel great.

2. Read poetry: If you don't wish to write, you can always pick up a great poetry book and read this beautiful genre. Let it illuminate your soul and take you in a journey of your own. 

3. Go to a poetry slam event. This is a very fun way to connect with other artists and poets in the community and help support their journey and art. Poetry is a beautiful art that can be specially beautiful when you hear it LIVE. Spoken poetry is truly magical and a wonderful way to give back to the artist community. 

4. Recite poetry to your dog, plants and love ones, because, why not? Shine bright by letting the poet in you be contagious to others. Let them get to know you in a deeper level and be authentic. This is a great way to smile, laugh, cry and share any emotion that you might have bottled up for months or even years. Let it all go.

5. Give yourself the gift of Skin Poetry and start taking care of your skin while reading your favorite book, because you are so worth it and your skin will thank you. We have a simple line of skincare products that can be used on any skin type. Let not just your words glow, but also your skin while letting your beautiful show inside and out. You are an absolute beauty, you are art, and you deserve it. 

We finish this BLOG post by letting you read one of our favorite poems:


"Happy the moment when we are seated in the Palace, thou and I.
With two forms and with two figures but with one soul, thou and I.
The colours of the grove and the voice of the birds will bestow immortality
At the time when we come into the garden, thou and I.
The stars of heaven will come to gaze upon us;
We shall show them the moon itself, thou and I.
Thou and I, individuals no more, shall be mingled in ecstasy,
Joyful, and secure from foolish babble, thou and I.
All the bright plumed birds of heaven will devour their hearts with envy
In the place where we shall laugh in such a fashion, thou and I.
This is the greatest wonder, that thou and I, sitting here in the same nook,
Are at this moment both in Iraq and Khorasan, thou and I."


-- By Rumi


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