Five Ways exercise Gives You A Beautiful Complexion

Have you ever heard that exercise gives you a beautiful complexion? The benefits of exercise extend far beyond losing weight or bulking up on muscle. Now we also know that exercising on a regular basis is key to getting gorgeous skin. By increasing blood flow during exercise, you are nourishing and oxygenating skin cells. In addition, blood flow also helps carry away waste and toxins, including free radicals, from working cells. 

Here are five ways exercise gives you a beautiful complexion:

1. It decreases stress level: Conditions that tent to improve when stress is reduced include acne, lack of firmness and eczema. There have been several studies which show that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones, overproducing oil during stressful times.

2. Increase immunity: Working out helps your overall health, including you immune system, this means a higher white blood cell count which means less bacteria and viruses your body has to deal with.  Small blemishes and skin wounds are able to heal faster when you have a stronger immune system! Also the increase of circulation and immunity help revitalize your lymphatic system which means you look less puffy and polluted as the lymph-nodes will help clear the toxins and water retention from your body. 

3. Higher nourishment to your skin: As we exercise, the blood is pumped through our body, which aids in increasing blood flow and oxygenation of our cells. This increased blood flow results in improved circulation. What does this mean?  It means that all of our body’s cells, including our skin cells, are being nourished by this blood flow, which in turns provides your skin with a beautiful glow, vitality and a higher rate in cellular repair and replacement.

4. Helps to balance hormones: It has been shown that regular exercise help boost testosterone and human growth factors. By increasing these two hormones your skin will naturally become firmer and rejuvenated. Also this increases collagen production which collagen provides that plumpness and firmness we all start losing as we age. In one study they placed inactive elderly adults in a three-month program of cycling, and afterwards there were higher levels of collagen in skin.

5. Most restful sleep: Exercise helps balance cortisol, helping you sleep more soundly and wake up looking more refreshed, it helps your body to use the downtime for the tissue-repair work that keeps you both looking and feeling great. Say goodbye to dark circles and under eye bags and hello to a refreshed complexion and a serious glow! 

Forget about a million skincare products, find a simple natural skincare routine and invest your time exercising on daily basis. This process will give you glowing skin instantly without spending thousands of dollars on skincare products! A simple healthy routine mixed with regular exercise will accomplish more for your skin than very expensive skincare products. Don't get me wrong! Good skincare is also a must and Poet's Garden Alchemist has you covered, but without exercise, you won't get the results that otherwise you would get by pairing them both.

I could go on and on about the benefits you get from exercising on a regular basis, most importantly it will also provide your body with the right shape, will enhance your features like your jawline, neck and cheek bones while obtaining a firmer complexion. Exercise is the key to looking and feeling your best. It is great for achieving radiant, brighter skin, healthy hair and much more!

So now that you know, go plan your new exercise routine and look beautiful and feel beautiful everyday! 

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