The Face Yoga Method

Have you ever heard of the Face Yoga Method? Face Yoga is a wonderful natural alternative to anti-aging treatments at the Med Spa. It is as simple as practicing a series of facial exercises that assist with toning the muscles beneath the facial skin to increase facial oxygenation, circulation and blood flow which leads naturally to a more youthful, firmer and glowing complexion.

Facial exercises date back to the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. These exercises aid in releasing energy pathways to help achieve better overall skin health. Facial yoga relaxes, tones and increases blood flow to the skin, while also firming and lifting facial muscles to give you a serious glow and more youthful complexion. The idea behind it would be to workout the full 57 face and neck muscles to achieve a radiance we all lose with time. 

We recommend five simple yoga facial exercises for a glowing and more youthful complexion:

1. Kiss & Smile: 

Put your lips close together and push them out as if you were going to kiss and then smile big. Do this exercise daily at least 20 repetitions. This will help define your chin and lift up your cheeks. 

2. Lift Your Brows High & Mighty:

Place your three middle fingers about half an inch above your eyebrows while you try to push your eyebrows upward while keeping your fingers pushing firmly above the brows to keep them in place. Do this at least 15 repetitions each day for best results. This exercise helps toning the forehead muscles yet also relaxing them. It aids with smoothing wrinkles on the forehead and keeping the eyebrows more lifted. Also amazing to relieve forehead tension headaches. 

3. Chin Up:

Turn your chin to the upper right side at a forty-five-degree angle and pucker your lips as if you were going to kiss someone. Hold for five seconds and relax. Do at least ten repetitions. Then do the same move on the left side.This move works the platysma and sternocleidomastoid muscles to help tighten up the neck and jawline giving you more define features. 

4. Puff Those Cheeks:

Inhale through the mouth and distend the breath from cheek to cheek, then release. This exercise helps to strengthen the cheek muscles and prevents them from becoming hollow and thin. Do this exercise at least 15 repetitions on a daily basis for firmer and plumper cheeks. 

5. Surprise Yourself:

Widen your eyes as much as you can, trying to expose as much of the white in your eye as you can. Hold that pose for one full minute. Repeat once again. This helps give you a smoother and more relaxed forehead.


So what is the verdict?

The benefits of the face yoga method may be more than just skin deep. Known as the natural facelift that can also enhance your overall well-being, many practitioners say its benefits are immense. Research supporting these benefits is mounting. 

This 2018 Face Yoga study investigated the effectiveness of 32 facial exercises in reducing the appearance of overall aging in middle-aged women. For the first 8 weeks, the participants did daily 30-minute sessions of facial yoga exercises. During the next 12 weeks, they did the sessions every other day.

Most of the women showed improvements to the fullness of their faces and were extremely happy with the visible results they experienced. They reported significant improvement in 18 of 20 facial features!!!!

One cool fact about The Face Yoga Method is also that as the practitioner learns to strengthen or relax certain muscles, they may experience improved posture, fewer tension headaches, and reduced teeth grinding. They may also find it easier to relax and fall asleep at night.

In addition to the reported increase in firmness and reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, face yoga may promote increased lymphatic drainage which in turn helps to reduce puffiness.

The Face Yoga Method may also help:

  • control face muscles
  • firm the neckline
  • reprogram muscle memory
  • improve symptoms of TMJ (grinding teeth)
  • make your face more symmetrical
  • reduce the appearance of dark underage circles
  • tone face muscles
  • improve skin firmness
  • give your face a higher definition

I also recommend to use a positive affirmation as part of face yoga method routine, which helps us to also cultivate self-love. Engaging in this nourishing practice can help us to feel calmer, happier and increase our self confidence. Also adding an Alchemic Natural Skincare routine can help to "top off" all your results. 

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