Some beauty trends come and go but some are here to stay and revive each season. Smokey eye is one of those looks that never goes out of style. The reason for its never ending popularity? Because the smokey eye is sexy, versatile, flattering to all eye shapes, and it can be done with just about any color, you do not have to only use black.

Best characterized by an all over color through the upper and lower lids, deep colors that smudge, the smokey eye look is classic yet edgy, and of course, extremely sexy. But its beauty comes by delicately blending shades and colors, and with a little practice this might become your favorite way to accent your eyes. If you are a newby at creating this look, our guide has everything you need for the perfect smokey eye. 

spring summer smokey eye shadow

What is exactly a smokey eye? 

It's a blended and deeply diffused eyeshadow that ads depth and dimension to your eyes, you start out with a dark color of choice, matte or shimmery, and choose lighter shades to slowly fade out. 

Creating the perfect smokey eye: 

Blending is key. Make sure to place the darkest color at the lash line building the pigment all over the upper lid to the eye crease, use a large eyeshadow brush that holds a ton of pigment for this step.

The most common smokey eyes usually are made of browns, charcoals and grays, but you can have fun with this look and use the darkest version of other colors for a more unique take, like a deep red, purple, or even hot pink, then blended with a lighter version of the same color or a skin tone,  or beige tone. You can add a little highlighter to the brow bone and the inner eye for a more luscious look. 


1. Start with a mid-tone shade across in and above the crease as well as lid to create a base for this smokey eye look. We recommend using our mineral eyeshadows in Sand, Rose Gold, Moonlight or Champagne as they all work great as base shades.

2. Draw a powdery line at the lash line with thin makeup brush and our charcoal mineral shadow. You can use it wet or dry. Wet for a more intense look, and dry for a softer blended look. Then smoke it out with a crease shader makeup brush of choice.

3. Now over the lash line, add your deepest pigments to create that smokey eye, we recommend our Eye Shadows in Charcoal, Dusk, Autumn, or Bronze as they work perfectly for this. 

4. For the blending and transition shades at the crease try our Smoke, Ginger, Moth or Nectar blending always outwards. Choose a shade that would blend well with the shade you chose as your deepest lid shade. 

5. Accent the brow bone with our Bloom or Champagne shadow and your brows with our Brow Powder as a well define brow is everything with a smokey eye, and add in the inner corners of your eyes a bit of our Moonlight Eyeshadow to create some highlighting and make your eyes pop. 

6. Finish with your favorite black mascara for that final lash definition. 

soft smokey eye

"This look is a soft natural smokey eye that can be worn daily for those who like a softer look, super easy to create"


1. For all over base use our Champagne eye shadow

2. For the upper and lower lids deeper shade use our Sand eye shadow

3. For blending and transition at the crease choose our Bloom shade

4. Add a little moonlight to the corner of your eyes and brow bone.

4. Put brown or black mascara

deep smokey eye charcoal 

"The above look is sultry, sexy and dramatic for the queens that want to make a statement" 


1. As the base for the entire eye use our Sand eyeshadow.

2. At the lash line and upper and lower lids use our Charcoal eye shadow. Make sure to blend very well as this is a very dark shadow. Blend with a crease blender brush of choice. 

3. Ad a touch of moonlight to the inner eye and mid lid and brow bone.

4. Put black Mascare and black eyeliner in lower lid. 


"the above smokey eye is a fun take of a spring/summer smokey eye, super simple to create"


1. As an all over lid base use our Champagne eye shadow.

2. For the stunning spring/summer smokey eye use our Cherry Blossom eye shadow on upper and lower lids. 

3. As a transitioning/blending shade use our Ginger eye shadow

4. Use Bloom as your brow and inner eyes highlighter. 

5. Use a brown or black mascara. 

We have given you three fresh takes on our favorite smokey eyes for this upcoming seasons. They are fresh, romantic and poetic in every way. Now check out all of our Eye Shadows to create your own look or recreate one of the smokey eye looks we shared with you. 

Tell us bellow which one is your favorite out of the three. .


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