How to get the most out of your bath at home

Now days our lives are so busy that is important to take some time for yourself. Taking time for self-love isn't selfish, but necessary to recharge and feel our best. Creating the perfect bath experience not only helps you recharge, but it is a great way to bring wellness into your life.

There are several ways to get the maximum benefits of your bath at home:

  1. Make sure your water temperature is set to the perfect temperature depending on what your body needs: Choose between a warm bath, a hot bath or a very cold bath depending on the temperature outside and what you feel your body needs most at the time, listen to your body and create the perfect experience to relieve stress, pain and relax your muscles.
  2. Use Bath Salts or Bath Bombs: Both are wonderful stress relievers and have also skin nourishing ingredients. They are packed with various essential oils that will relax or invigorate your mind through their aromatherapy properties, depending which aroma you choose, and the salts themselves are rich in minerals that will soothe tense muscles.
  3. Add candles and sustainable raw crystals around your bath: Getting the perfect spa atmosphere at home can provide you with a sense of relief and deep relaxation. You can choose to add some raw crystals to your bath water for an energetic effect depending on the crystal you choose and create the perfect spa moment right at your home.
  4. Meditate or read your favorite book while soaking: Last but not least, take time to enjoy your bath, close your eyes and immerse in meditation to release any stress from the week, or if meditating is not in your practice, pick up your favorite book and read a couple of pages while you soak away the stress. Your body will thank you for some peace and quiet you have devoted for just "YOU".

*We recommend our Crystal Poetess Bath Bombs or our Poetess Bath Salt Collection test tubes. They are vegan, only contain organic ingredients and our crystal bath bombs also contain a sustainable raw crystal to give your bath that extra boost of energy & magical experience.

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