How to get the no-makeup makeup look while protecting your skin this fall

Fall is around the corner, and with the cooler weather, wearing a no-makeup makeup look while protecting your skin will give you a lovely glow and look that will make a statement. Trying to cover up your skin too much during colder months, can make your skin look older and overly done. Our skin tends to be dryer during fall and winter months and, unless you are very oily to begin with, this can cause the foundation to not blend right and show more skin imperfections. 

The best way to solve this issue is by keeping your skin as healthy as possible and wearing a light base foundation or just a tinted SPF or moisturizer. This will keep your skin flawless and looking youthful throughout the fall and winter season. 


Tips for a no-makeup makeup look this fall: 

1. Avoid over-drying your skin with hot showers: Make sure to use only lukewarm water when washing your face. This will help your skin retain moisture that it needs to keep the skin barrier healthy and your skin glowing. It will also help your makeup look its best. 

2. Use an oil cleanser: Instead of using harsh soaps and chemicals, opt for an all-natural oil cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. Oil cleansing is fabulous to repair the barrier and keep your skin healthy and glossy during the cooler weather months. When using an oil cleanser, it is important to apply it on dry skin and to use a gentle microfiber towel soaked in warm water to remove all residue. Some people are afraid of oil cleansers because they have the misconception that it will cause breakouts or too much oil on their skin. The truth is that oil cleanses sebum oil better than a water-based cleanser, and it can balance over-active oil production better than any other cleanser. Try our Immaculate Oil Face Cleanser, it is perfect for all skin types and it also brightens the skin while adding many antioxidants that will keep your skin smooth and glowing. 

3. Use a humidifier while you sleep: This will keep your skin from trans-epidermal water loss throughout the night and it will help it stay plumped and looking its best. Our skin restores itself while we sleep, so by keeping the hydration levels at an optimal level, your skin will be able to repair its barrier much easily than if it's fighting dehydration. Think of a plant; it needs water to stay healthy, same with your skin. During fall and winter months, many start using heaters throughout their homes to stay warm, but this can also be damaging for your skin's health. Adding a humidifier while you sleep is a simple fix for the dryer air during the colder months. 

4. Exfoliate once to twice per week: Our skin regenerates every 28+ days depending on your age. When we don't exfoliate, our skin has a harder time absorbing our skincare nourishing ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins. It also looks dull and lacks a glow. By adding a gentle exfoliation once to twice per week, you are helping your skincare work better and your skin will show much better results from your daily routine. Use a non-toxic gentle exfoliator that won't cause added irritation like our Exfoliating Illuminating Enzyme Wash; this product can be used as a daily wash or for fall/winter months, can be used a couple of times per week for a gentle way to exfoliate without irritating your skin. What I love most about this cleanser is how it is a powder-based cleanser. You simply wet your hands and add only a dime size, and it creates a creamy fizz full of papaya enzymes that will bring about a gorgeous rosy glow. This cleanser will last you forever! 


5. Use a moisturizer that is also a primer for your tinted SPF or light-coverage makeup: Hydrating your skin daily is key to a youthful complexion. This step is important when trying to show off that no-makeup makeup look. Overly greasy moisturizers can make your makeup look wash away quickly throughout the day, and overly dry or water-based moisturizers that are too light can make the light coverage look patchy, uneven and look dull. We recommend a deeply nourishing hydrator that is water and oil based, yet light enough to help the longevity of your natural makeup look throughout the day. Check out our Drench Day Cream; a gel to cream luxurious plant based formula that is the perfect primer for any look. Perfect for all skin types, with added hyaluronic acid, vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep your skin plumped and youthful. 

6. Wear a tinted SPF to finish up your look: the no-makeup makeup look is pretty simple, you don't have to wear a heavy foundation. All you need is to protect your skin from the sun with a tinted moisturizer that will also even out your skin tone while keeping the look translucent and natural. Many SPFs on the market are full of toxic chemicals that can aggravate rosacea and also cause irritation and breakouts to the skin. This is why it is important to choose a tinted SPF 30+ that is mineral-based. Mineral based SPFs are non-toxic to your skin, body and also our ocean life. Try our Tinted Sheer Hydrating SPF 30+, not only is free of toxic ingredients, but it's also hydrating for the colder months. It comes in two tinted shades; NUDE for the lighter, cooler skin tones, and BRONZE for the medium to darker, warmer skin tones. Blends so well that no one will know you are wearing anything besides your beautiful healthy skin! 


Having the perfect no-makeup makeup look requires healthy skin to begin with. This look won't work if you have barrier issues, acne or rashes. This is why good daily home care is so crucial to make this look work for you. After adding your tinted SPF, all you have to do is add a little natural blush, a lovely natural lip tint and some mascara and there you have it! Gorgeous and natural! 

Let us know your favorites below to accomplish this look! We always love to hear from you. 

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