How To Treat "Maskne", Acne Caused By Wearing A Mask

Masks are sadly the new normal during the Covid-19 Pandemic. When the mask comes off, you may have noticed some new facial issues: blemishes, skin irritation, peeling, or redness around your jawline, cheeks, and mouth. 

Those irritations in fact have become so common that mask acne has now been now being called "maskne". To defeat this new enemy, Poet's Garden Alchemist would love to give you some tricks and tips to keep your skin in top shape.

Here are just a few ways masks can cause acne:

- Moisture: When confined beneath the fabric of a mask, your breath creates a humid environment. That humidity becomes a breeding ground for acne.”
- Bacteria: –Sweat, oil, and makeup can become trapped under the mask and clog pores. Those clogged pores can result in—acne. 
- Friction: –As you go about your day, your mask moves around your face, damaging the skin's protective barrier which makes it easier for bacteria and dirt to settle into your pores and make acne occur.
- Warm weather: –Heat and humidity can worsen acne, inside and outside the mask. Higher temperatures increase your face’s sweat and oil protection. The more oil and sweat, the easier it is for bacteria to turn into acne.
- Cold weather:  Cold weather can dry out your skin, making it easier for the mask to chafe the skin underneath, welcoming pimple-causing irritants into your pores. 


No matter how you’re using your mask, maskne will probably be a consistent issue in the future. If left untreated, things could only get worse. It can lead to more acne but also the irritation can cause more of a breakdown in the skin barrier, causing also inflammation and irritation along the jawline.


  • Wash your face before and after wearing a mask: Washing your face twice a day is one of the best ways to prevent maskne. Starting your day with clean skin under your mask means less residual sweat or dirt will end up trapped underneath the fabric. Cleansing after you remove your mask also aids in removing built-up bacteria, perspiration and dirt that may have collected during the day. To protect your barrier from breaking down any further, use a milky cleanser, sulfate free cleanser or oil cleanser. To heal maskne is best to be gentle with your skin and not use heavy acids or chemicals to wash your face.
  • Use a natural moisturizer to protect your skin before and after wearing your mask: irritated, inflamed skin not only needs moisture in order to heal, but needs to be soothed as well. Our DRENCH and REJUVENATE moisturizers both have all natural and anti-inflammatory ingredients that calms and hydrates skin, helping to restore damaged moisture barriers that can sometimes occur as a result of wearing a face mask.

  • Use a good vitamin c serum:  We recommend Poet's Garden RADIANT serum. Vitamin C will gently exfoliate and brighten your skin while protecting it from further environmental damage and it also aids on would repair and barrier repair.

Hope all these great tips help you fight "Maskne" during this uncertain times, it will get better! So stay gentle with your skin and your skin will thank you. Poet's Garden Alchemist Skincare has you covered.

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