I sang loudly!

He couldn't hear my soul lament,
the waves within his ocean 
fought against his invulnerable tide,
like the tides of history we've shared,
I knew his tide existed!
Tides that moved me 
through the darkest of nighttides.

I wanted him to tell me
that I was loved more often,
I wanted him to show me
by touching me more gentle
as my lonesome shore cried alone.
In his whispering voice, 
I heard his waves crashing against my shore.

I screamed as loud as a thousand thunders 
striking the grounds that we once shared with love.
I shouted for his love, singing
beyond any vibration, so strong
that it could pierce his own soul down 
to the depths of his silent ocean.
He didn't hear my loud singing
as his tide raised with each full moon.

Crying for his kindness
as he became deaf to my sorrows,
to the needs I was craving as
I melted my sand with his waters
to become one with him, so vast!
He never noticed my efforts,
I was land, he was too vast!

Maybe there was no sound left in me,
as I had left all my music in everything
I used to love about him.
No matter if I shouted a million times or just once,
it felt as if it was a million years of silence.
Yet I still kept on trying
a million times to be heard by him.

I still loved him,
I was his shoreline,
he was my vast ocean,
but all he could hear was his
own roar caused by his waves alone.
I was no longer something to him, 
nothing at all, invisible.

While sinking me with his violent waters,
leaving me without a voice,
with every gust of wind that came,
another wave would drown me more.
As I waited for the tide to recede,
I could not breathe,
he kept on flooding me.

I needed the sunlight to dry me
so my voice could finally sing free.
As the sun arrived and gently dried me,
finally my voice as an air vessel traveled 
through the thin air, all alone.
I cried in the longing to be 
at least heard, one last time.

Like a hundred stars colliding with one another,
a song raised from my muted shoreline.
He suddenly overheard me
as the wind carried my voice 
in the depths of his ocean, a tear
in my song, he felt so alone.
As a wave he raised, his eyes
were made of salt water.

He inhaled my voice through the air,
his saliferous tears flooded my shore
as he finally understood my sad roar.
He spoke back to me with ocean sounds
and promised to come back from the depths
of silence that this world had given him,
crying now to hear more songs.

He bathed me now so gently,
caressed my shore delicately
as he knew my voice had stricken him
with my music, I awoke him 
from years of silence he spent alone,
I sang to him love poems daily
and he fiercely loved me above any shore.

No matter how much he tried to stay grounded,
he was born cursed with tides that moved
him away from me without a known reason,
that reason could not understand.
No matter how hard I tried to free
myself from the land, I was born as a shore
yet I begged to become one with his vast ocean,
again and again, to the moon and the stars.

By Virginia Helena Guarddon

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