Illuminating Others Through Your Authentic Self

One of the simplest ways to bloom within our lives is being true to ourselves.

When we freely embrace ourselves and follow our hearts, passions and say no to what does not serve us, we have a transformational experience not just within ourselves, but we seem to change the life that surrounds us. We bloom towards what we are meant to become.

Authenticity helps us fulfill our destiny . It's a way to create a self that we're in love with. Unfortunately, so many of us reject this amazing gift. How come? Authenticity requires bravery, courage & self confidence.

It takes an incredible bravery to embrace who you are. Not letting opinions & expectations determine how we should be or act or what we choose to do with our lives. It means saying no and living life on our own terms without caring what anyone thinks or feels about it.

If we are truly genuine with ourselves, the end result is always worth it. When we embrace who we are, our life starts becoming our true destiny, a lovely piece of art of our own.

What are the consequences of being authentic?

  1. You will naturally enjoy your life more.
  2. You will attract to your life those that actually make you happy and help you grow.
  3. You will change those around you in a positive way and help them see the importance of being genuine.
  4. You will bloom into who you were meant to be.
  5. You will become your own work of art by just being you & inspire others to do the same.

Stay true to yourself, kind to your heart & follow your dreams. Life is too short to live for others opinions. Live for YOU and let us know how your life changes after that. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

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Virginia Guarddon, Founder