Indigo Dreams

At the stroke of midnight 

My indigo dreams surface, 

In the purple brume of my true feelings 

It is here, where we meet...

A painted reality I hide from daily

The moment you told me you would hurt me

Yet my love for you ain’t fading, 

Every night, I lay here in indigo dreams next to you

In fresh air...eyes open...inhaling the purple leaves of our sanctuary

No longer blinded by the mistake of deception that I’m not worthy,

My indigo dreams is the universe manifesting for me... 

Showing me a picture of a future reality 

That you love me too and I’m more than worthy, 

I may have created a difficult situation 

but nothing great comes easy

My indigo dreams are real 

I can can see us in the future

I just have to fight my fears, 

I’ve stayed locked in this dream nightly 

Not wanting to interfere with your current reality,  

Here we are our true selves 

Embraced in the truth in your arms 

With no regrets, open and honest about our feelings...not caring about anyone’s opinions,  

Grateful for the mistakes, 

Imagine if our wrongs didn’t happen

I wouldn’t be here writing poetry about us, 

I’ll still be stuck in more years suffering... 

Here we see our true reflections in nature’s most calming atmosphere,

Where we can love in peace 

The universe way of showing me this don’t have to just be a dream...

Midnight indigo dreams reminds me of where I should be fighting to be, 

Not letting me are something special to me...


By Shana A

Follow her Instagram @lesbian.erotic.poetry

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I truly appreciate you featuring me and my work this is truly an honor thank you so very much… 💜💜💜🙏🏾

Shana A. September 10, 2021

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