How To Get "Glass" Skin

What exactly is "Glass" skin?

Glass Skin is a term for exceptionally beautiful, smooth, even-toned and luminous skin that's so flawless it has the appearance of glass.“

Glass skin aims for an intensely moisturized skin that gives off an almost transparent complexion and a very youthful, lit-from-within all over glow. It's a complexion we all wish to have.

Achieving this lustrous & dream-like complexion requires a consistent skin care routine. It's easier to achieve with anti-inflammatory, non toxic skincare products like the ones offered by Poet's Garden Alchemist. A cleanser (preferably an oil cleanser), antioxidant or vitamin C serum, and a hydrating moisturizer. It is also important to add that opting for “watery products with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin and considering using either multiple layers of one hydrating product or several layers of different ones is usually best to achieve this type of complexion.


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve clear, glowing, glass-like skin with Poet's Garden Alchemist products:


  1.  Start by using your favorite face cleanser (without sulfates or toxic chemicals) to wash your face morning and night, make sure to do a double cleanse, the first cleanse can be with a gentle gel or foamy cleanser and the second cleanse would be best to do with an oil cleanser. We recommend our Immaculate Oil Face Cleanser for its high antioxidant content and its anti-inflammatory properties, it is wonderful for all skin types.
  2.  Use a good, toxic free, natural antioxidant or vitamin c serum. Serums are the actual treatment for your complexion, they have higher active ingredients and smaller molecular size to be able to penetrate deeper than a moisturizer and act quickly. Antioxidant serums and vitamin c serums brighten the complexion and give you that luminous glow we want to achieve with "Glass Skin" and also aids with past and future environmental damage. We recommend our Radiant Vitamin. C Serum for a flawless and brighter complexion without toxic ingredients that is also anti-inflammatory for the most sensitive skin types (good for all skin types).
  3. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! All skin types need hydration! Including oily skin types! Hydration means "more water" for your skin. For achieving Glass skin in particular, moisturizers that are rich on antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are a must to achieve this kind of complexion. It is important for the moisturizer to be non irritating to the skin, as that would cause unwanted skin texture due to rashes or acne and will not let you achieve the Glass complexion you have been dreaming of. We recommend our Drench Day Cream for day time and our Rejuvenate Night Cream for night time use. These two moisturizers are not only toxic free but they are also full of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid to give you a drink of water and a serious glow. Both of these moisturizers are highly anti-inflammatory and good for all skin types!
  4. Drink more water & eat healthy: Everything you put on your mouth is reflected on your skin. In order to achieve a beautiful complexion you must start also healthier habits. The easiest to achieve this is by drinking more water for a fresh and hydrated complexion from the inside out. The second step is also extremely important, this is eating clean foods, leaving the fried foods aside for more steam veggies and fruit choices, also not eating any type of sugar as it increases candida and yeast within the body and also creates mayor gut micro-flora imbalances that in turn can cause acne, rashes and inflammation on the skin. Eating healthy is a must not just for your overall health, but also for your skin.
  5. Exercise daily: This step is so important because it increases circulation and oxygenation to all of your organs of your body. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and promoting circulation and oxygenation is a must for beautiful, healthy skin. This last step will not just give you a beautiful complexion, but it will also make you feel overall better and healthier.


So now, are you ready to take the steps needed to have "Glass Skin"? Poet's Garden Alchemist 4 step simple routine is all you need to get that Glass Skin you have dreamed off! Always cruelty free, vegan, eco-conscious and full of kindness for all beings. We Poets are creating Skin Poetry to make you feel your best while making sure that your well-being is always first.


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