Mineral Makeup vs Regular Makeup

Mineral makeup definitely has many benefits over regular makeup. The most obvious benefit is the lack of chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives that regular makeup uses. Mineral makeup is clean of all of those bad toxic ingredients.

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Bellow, I go over the reasons why you should ditch your regular makeup for mineral makeup:

1. Mineral makeup is composed of anti-irritation ingredients like zinc and contains fewer filler ingredients. Traditional makeup usually contains ingredients like Sodium Chloride and they can cause irritation and acne. Mineral makeup is the best makeup for those that have sensitive skin or suffer from acne. 

2. Mineral makeup contains Zinc Oxide, which is a natural non-toxic sunscreen and protects your skin from UV radiation as soon as it is applied. Regular traditional makeup doesn't have SPF and if it does, it is chemically based, which can cause inflammation and irritation and you have to wait at least 20 minutes to be in the sun to fully be protected. 

3. Mineral makeup doesn't just come in powder form, there are also liquid formulations available for those that enjoy more of a creamy coverage. 

4. Mineral makeup covers flawlessly and it is perfect for HD photography or video. Regular makeup can cause a sheen on the skin that can make pictures not look as good. If you are getting married and want your skin to look its best in pictures, using a trippled milled non-nano particle mineral formula can just give you the best outcome. 

5. Stays put all day: since it doesn't have any waxes or oils added to the formulation, mineral makeup tends to wear better and last longer throughout the day. 

6. It is safe for your body and skin. Minerals are a part of nature and they aren't toxic. Everything you put in your skin is absorbed into your body, so there is no reason why you should be adding toxins that you do not need and later on can cause health problems.

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Mineral makeup that is truly authentic will be made of only 100% minerals, like mica, kaolin, zinc oxide and such. Because of its lack of preservatives, waxes and synthetic ingredients, it is less irritating and has zero toxicity. Dermatologists all agree that mineral makeup is best, especially if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, acne or any other skin sensitivity. Some of the ingredients in mineral makeup are actually natural sun-blocks and they protect you against further UV radiation and environmental damage. Also, zinc in mineral makeup is a natural anti-inflammatory and it's been used for diaper rash and it is FDA-approved for calming the skin. If you get regular facials and your barrier is impacted by doing too many peels and such, mineral makeup also helps protect your skin barrier. 

You can find a lovely line of mineral makeup on our web-store.

Find your favorites and let us know below what your thoughts are on our mineral makeup. You can look beautiful without harming your health. 


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