Skincare Trends 2021

Last year through the pandemic, we thought we would see a decrease in sales on the skincare industry, yet the skincare industry maintained its glory. Acne from wearing a mask for hours on end and the need to not wear as much makeup due to mask wearing, assured the industry's growth during this difficult phase. So what now? Do you wonder what are the new upcoming skincare trends for 2021? We have you covered!

Five Trends for 2021:

- This year we are seeing a love for NUDE SKIN. Having wore less makeup last year changed many of us and made us realize that a healthy complexion is gorgeous on its own. This year is focused on smart, multi-tasking skincare, simple skincare that’s result driven. Think of a moisturizer you can use both for day and night or a serum that can both brighten and plump the skin at the same time. Women are looking for a one fix all. 

- Skincare to Calm Inflammation is huge this year. This trend started with the inflammation caused by wearing a mask for long hours last year, so many of us suffered from maskne, redness and irritation and this caused a resurge in the need of anti-inflammatory skincare to battle these pesky breakouts and dermatitis. Also we started hearing the word "Inflammaging" which is a chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with stress and other environmental factors like pollution and such. It is believed to accelerate the process of biological aging and to worsen many age-related diseases and the cure is as simple as taking time for yourself to de-stress and using a wonderful anti-inflammatory skincare routine to combat the effects of inflammaging. 

- Eco-conciousness remains an important factor in packaging design this year. There are a roster of brands with eco-friendly skin-care vessels, like those from Poet's Garden Alchemist which proved that sustainable and sleek don't need to be mutually exclusive. 

- Barrier repair moisturizers are a must have this year. Perhaps due to the stressors since last year, we are seeing a new love for these creams. Restorative and strengthening moisturizers are the biggest seller this year to bring your skin back to prime health. We are no longer seeing a high exfoliative routine, strong peels or the love for chemical skincare. Instead we are seeing a shift to a more botanical and holistic way to care for your skin. 

- Last but not least clean beauty is here to stay. More and more we are seeing a shift to non toxic ingredients and being conscious of how the chemicals we put on our skin can affect our overall health. Non toxic skincare routines are now among the modern women's favorite way to treat themselves to a luxurious yet healthy alternative to the more chemically based brands. 


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