4 Steps Ecopreneurs Can Take to Build a Sustainable Business

When you think of opening a business, do you also think of ways that your business will exist in balance with the environment? If not, you really should be! Businesses have a large stake in helping to protect the environment, and as a budding entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to make a difference with your venture — especially in the era of COVID-19.

The world needs more ecopreneurs. If you are considering whether to become an ecopreneur, Poet's Garden Alchemist offers some tips on how you can achieve this without giving up your dreams of owning a thriving business:

Take Business Classes Online

 Online classes can be more flexible for you and healthier for the planet:

  • Business News Daily points out that education can be critical for succeeding as an entrepreneur. While it’s not necessary, having a degree will give you the skills and maturity to be a responsible business owner.
  • However, you could be increasing your carbon footprint by driving to and from campus. Even taking public transportation has an impact on the environment.
  • Instead, virtual business programs offer the same entrepreneurial skills and lessons as traditional courses without all of the pollution and waste of a daily commute.

Use the Online Business Tools Available to You

Keeping the planning for your new business virtual will also reduce your carbon footprint:

  • There are several free resources that entrepreneurs can use to plan and set up their businesses.
  • Instead of relying on paper records and documents, find a secure and reliable cloud storage service.
  • You can also advertise for free by posting promotional images on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To avoid spending a small fortune on a graphic designer, make a logo quickly and for free using pre-made templates.

Choose a Greener Business Bank

Be careful when selecting where to open your account and/or apply for funding: 

  • Ethical Consumer notes that some of the best-known banks are also some of the worst offenders of climate change, but this is something many ecopreneurs fail to consider when starting a business.
  • Think about supporting a greener bank, also known as B Corp Certified There are several to choose from these days, so do your homework to find the right one for your business.

Commit to Sustainable Practices

Getting your business off to an eco-friendly start is just part of being a successful ecopreneur.

  • You also need to make sure your daily operations and activities don’t have negative impacts on the environment. There are a few key ways to do so, like working remotely.
  • You can get serious by helping your brand become a B Corp certified business, and invite outside consultants to audit the sustainability of your new business.
  • Finally, commit to always being transparent about your sustainability practices. This will help build trust with customers, and will also keep you and your business accountable.

Going green as an entrepreneur is not only a good and responsible commitment to make for the planet. It can also help your new business build meaningful connections with customers and a positive reputation in your industry. You don’t have to sacrifice conservation for success!

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 Written by Lacie Martin

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