The Importance of Celebrating Black Culture Not Only During Black History Month

Lately we have seen a resurgence in social activism and conversations about anti-racism. Some use Black History Month to remind everyone one about how important is to appreciate diversity during this month.

But in order to truly help your community and be a genuine, authentic individual, we should support and collaborate with Black-owned businesses, community leaders, and creators year-round and better ourselves to create a better future for our children.

Our nation's Black History Month is a time to share, read and rediscover our mutual history that made America a great nation. A time to commemorate and celebrate the contributions made by people of African descent, American historian Carter G. Woodson established Black History Week in 1926. 

A great way to celebrate Black history Month all year long is by taking a moment to create a safe space for dialogue and discuss serious topics such as racism, everyday experiences that members of the black community may face, poverty and much more. 

Some ways to improve ourselves this year and include diversity into our lives:

1. Take time to reflect on the diversity in your team at work and also within your personal network. 

2. Become a mentor and extend your network, be more inclusive. 

3. If you're a hiring manager, partner with your HR team to create a hiring criteria that can remove any bias when reviewing candidates.

4. Give others a voice in conversations or the seat at the table no matter their ethnicity, sexual orientation or their background. 

By being aware of the past and acknowledging our mistakes, we open new doors to the future. Together we can change the views on racism by uniting and showing that we are all equals. We can create a better world for our children and have closer communities by becoming an example of what a good human should be. It all starts with YOU. 

Let 2021 be the year we are kind to all beings no matter their race, orientation or their background. There should be no hate among humans or any living thing, and we should all embrace every form of diversity. Let's change the world one day at a time.

I believe in YOU, do you believe in yourself too? Let's unite and change the world. TOGETHER, WE CAN DO THIS.

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