The Importance of Self ~ Care

Modern women today have too many roles. Of course we want to do many things with our daily time, but eventually our vital energy runs out and we no longer can do everything we want because we haven't taken care of ourselves first. 
In my experience, connecting with myself on a deeper level and on a daily basis has been a fundamental part to growing into the woman I want to become. Understanding the importance of Self-care has transformed my life and actions into a labor of kindness and love. It has become a constant evolution towards greater happiness, health, and also has given me a new direction in life.

Self-care gives us a choice on how we want to feel, and this is above all the most powerful gift. Using this to your advantage for inner guidance is very powerful! Self-care is magic for the soul. Having rituals help us slow us down and bring us back to the present moment.


  1. Take 10 minutes each day to let the sun shine on you: This increases vitamin D which is vital for our happiness and also skin health. Only 10 minutes will not cause you to have sun damage and will help you balance your vitamin D levels which are vital for our immune system's health, happiness and overall youthfulness.
  2. Start a hobby: Doing something you love has been shown to reduce stress and can even activate genes that increase immunity and decrease inflammation.
  3. Take care of your skin with non-toxic products: Taking care of your skin on a daily basis is not just beneficial to your well-being but also to your skin. It's a way to treat yourself, relax and revitalize your mind.
  4. Don't spend so much time on your phone: Depression has been linked to having too much screen time. Give yourself a break from technology and find other things you love doing that help you grow and cope with life. This will give you a sense of purpose.
  5. Eat a healthy diet: Your body requires the right kind of fuel, limiting sugar is a must as sugar is linked with increased inflammation and aging. Try incorporating veggies, fruits and nuts to your diet and drink plenty of water. A healthy body equals to a healthy mind and youthful appearance.
  6. Take time to read a little each day: reading an uplifting story or listening to a podcast you love can help you relieve stress and even help you sleep better. Find a book you love and dedicate a little time to it daily to feel renewed.
  7. Learn to say "NO": It is ok to say no sometimes, and it is absolutely healthy to do so! Learn to do what is best for you first, and this will help you love others even more.

Hope these tips find a way to your daily routine and that these tips help you become the person that you have always wished to become. Self-care is crucial for us to find our true potential and to be happy. Remember to smile daily and to love yourself each day a little. Your future self will thank you.

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