What Are Some Ways You Can Support Your Local Business Right Now

At Poet's Garden Alchemist we encourage you to take care of your community by shopping on your local store or a small business.

With Covid-19, many small business owners have had to closed their doors to the public, these small businesses were what was building our community and they need your help more than ever before. Throughout the country, owners have creatively come up with strategies to keep businesses afloat but they all still need your help to keep their business going!

What are some ways you can help?

  1. Buy local: Why not check first with your local retailer to see if they have the item you are looking for rather than go for the big giant chain business? Look for independent stores in your town that might be able to help you, or a small online business store, they might have what you are looking for.
  2. Go to the actual store: Rather than using apps for food takeout as an example, go directly to the store to pick up your goods. This helps with fees the small business gets from the apps that are already thinning even more their profit margins.
  3. Share your local favorite business on social: Help boost your favorite small or local business by boosting their social media by liking their page and posts. Share the business on your social and spread the love, you would be helping your community stay afloat.
  4. What about service providing businesses? They are the ones that have been hit by this pandemic the worst, hair dressers and salon owners as an example have not been able to reopen or those that have, they can't provide the same amount of services as before. How can you help them? Buy gift cards as a gift for someone you love or leave a nice tip for the service provider. They will thank you.
  5. Accept full price: We all love a good sale or discount, but maybe if you can afford it, shop for a full price item. This will help the business make a higher profit margin that they so desperately need during this rough time.

We hope you become an amazing part of our community and help our small e-com business and your favorite physical businesses stay open during this economic crisis. If you are one of the lucky people who kept their job, or is doing well economically, try helping others. Karma will give it all back to you in the future & your community will thank you.

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