What causes period acne and how to fight it naturally

Unfortunately, not only do women have to deal with having to have a period every month and suffer from bloating, irritation and lower back pain among other issues, but they have to deal with having a pimple or two during their time of the month. I am sure you have asked yourself before, why do I always get acne during my period? 

As a women's hormones fluctuate during the month, right before starting the period, we have two hormones that tend to drop, while one stays the same. Progesterone and estrogen get to their lowest point and when these two hormones get low, our testosterone seems out of balance and extremely high (which isn't actually true, but seems that way because the other two are low) and, in turn, we get an increase in sebum that can clog a pore or two causing pimples. 

There is nothing you can do to stop this natural cycle besides preventative natural measures to try to get your body in balance and healthy before having your period. 


Here are some tips on how to prevent breakouts during a period:

1. Eat a healthy diet throughout the month: did you know there are foods and habits that help fight acne? That is right! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day and increasing your green veggies on a daily basis are the two things that help fight acne best during this time of the month. 

Also important is to cut down your intake of refined carbohydrates, products containing lactose, sugar and alcohol the week prior to having a period. This is because these foods can further unbalance your hormones, making it even more difficult for your body during this time of the month. Also, processed foods are a culprit for increasing extra sebum on your skin, so simply try eating as healthy and natural as you can. Your body will also thank you! 

2. Don't forget to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week: This is especially important the week prior to having a period, because you will be naturally producing more oils that can clog the pores. Do not over exfoliate! We aren't saying to do that, but to not forget to exfoliate and continue to use a natural, non-toxic skincare routine. We recommend using Poet's Garden Alchemist Illuminating Powder Enzyme Wash. This cleanser cannot only be used daily as a wash, but you can leave it on your skin as a mask 2-3 times per week for about 5 minutes and it becomes a powerful exfoliant. Not only does it contain papaya enzymes that help remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, but it also has bentonite clay to keep pores clear and L-Ascorbic Acid to heal and wound repair the skin. 

3. Don't touch your face: Your hands are full of bacteria from touching surfaces that are unseen to the human eye. Touching your face will only make things worse. Keep your hands clean throughout the day in case you forget and touch your face, but try to make a point to not doing it. 


4. Increase your zinc intake a week prior to your period: zinc slows down the production of keratinocytes (this is the most dominant cell type in the epidermis and is responsible for restoring the skin barrier), which helps in lowering production of sebum. 

Zinc is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and not only reduces redness and inflammation from acne, but also prevents your skin from getting bad scars from pimples. It is also effective for treating naturally period cramps, so they are less painful. Zinc sulfate is the best kind of zinc to help combat acne. 

5. Use an ice-roller for the face: Ice rollers are not only very soothing to the skin, but they activate the lymphatic draining system to drain acne causing toxins and help with redness and inflammation from pimples. You simply use it on a clean face before applying a serum or a moisturizer. After massaging it on your face and neck for 2-5 minutes, you can add your serum and moisturizer. I prefer doing this before bedtime, but it is very invigorating in the morning and also helps depuff your skin and make it glow. 

Let us know if you bring these tips into your lifestyle and how they work for you! We would love to hear from you below. Having a good non-toxic plant-based skincare routine also matters. Adding chemicals and toxins to the skin doesn't help fight acne and makes it worse. Check out Poet's Garden Alchemist web-store to find a simple and effective routine for everyone. 

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