What is holistic skincare?

Have you ever wondered what is holistic skincare? 

Many think that it's just skincare that has clean ingredients, but holistic skincare is an ancient practice that involves treating the skin as “whole". Looking at the bigger picture, the entire body, to go beyond your external symptoms and understand the actual root cause of skin imbalances.

Your lifestyle choices make an impact on the health of your skin. What you eat, how much water you drink, how active you are and the way you handle stress can all influence your overall skin health and complexion. 

What are some great ways for you to take charge of how your skin looks and feels? 

1. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday: Hydrating yourself not only keeps your skin hydrated, plump and more beautiful, but it helps increase the detox process of your skin for a brighter and clear complexion. 

2. Diet is a big deal: I am sure you've heard before how a high carb diet can cause a mayor hormonal imbalance, and this can be very true! Also eating a lot of gluten, sugar or and dairy can cause complexion issues. This is because these foods increase your insulin levels which in turn messes with your hormonal balance, they're also known for causing inflammation and gut imbalances leading to unrelenting breakouts, rashes and sebum imbalances. Keeping your diet clean, and mainly eating protein (vegan or not vegan) and lots of colorful veggies can make you have a gorgeous complexion. So keep it clean and within months, you will start noticing a big difference on your skin's health. 

3. Keep a diet/food journal: some of us are intolerant to certain foods and we do not even know it. By keeping a journal of what you eat and how your skin responds the following week, it will give you a wonderful insight on what foods to avoid in your diet. As an example, I have noticed myself that every time I eat sugar, I develop dark circles around my eyes and I look older, as soon as I removed sugar completely from my diet, my dark circlers disappeared and my complexion looked brighter and more youthful! This is because sugar cause "Glycation" on the skin, which is the main cause for premature aging. Glycation is a process which is caused by the presence of excess sugar/glucose within the skin fibers that makes the sugar molecule bind with your skin's collagen and elastin proteins causing the skin to lose firmness and suppleness. 

4. Exercise often: because this will make you sweat out toxins and increase circulation and oxygenation within your skin for a flawless complexion ad body! So get up each day and do something you love that will make you sweat a little and raise your heart beat! You won't regret it! 

5. Use a good and simple natural skincare line that contains no toxic ingredients. We recommend our skincare as it works on all skin types, it is clean of harmful ingredients and will give you a serious glow! Shop our Skin Poetry Goddess Collection here. 

6. Rest and more rest: Because through the nigh our skin regenerates and heals. Throughout this time our body combats inflammation, repairs itself, increases circulation & oxygenation (which in turns helps with nutrients being delivered to the skin) and rebuilds collagen. Get some beauty sleep! Your skin will thank you. 


*Poet's Garden Alchemist is a transparent brand, we have an ingredient glossary for you to check out what you put on your skin.

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