What is retinol & why everyone should use it

There is one ingredient in the skincare world that everyone, including dermatologists and skin therapists can agree that works, this ingredient is retinol. Retinol is derived from vitamin A. It works by inducing skin cell turnover while also boosting collagen production like no other ingredient can do. 

Some might have used retinol before and maybe had some unwanted side effects like dryness and irritation and discontinued its use thinking it wasn't for them, but when used properly, this ingredient will change your skin forever and it will change it in a better way. 

How do you use a retinol? 

This is the most important thing to learn, because many get discouraged when starting a retinol if used incorrectly. Retinol cannot be used in the morning as it causes sun sensitivity, it can only be used at nighttime before bed time. Always use SPF during the day when using a retinol. 

If you have never used a retinol before, it is important for you to introduce it slowly into your pm routine. That way, you will allow your skin to get used to the increased cell turnover and avoid unwanted side effects that come with starting a retinol. Unwanted side effects include: irritation, dryness and redness. These can be avoid by starting the introduction of retinol slowly. 

Start by using it only every other night for about a month and increase it to every night if tolerated in the second month. If this is still too much, no worries, simply use it only 3 to 4 times per week in your nighttime routine and every month increase it to one extra day until you are able to use it every night. Some might only be able to use it 4 times per week for the rest of their lives, and this is ok! You will still get all the incredible benefits of using a retinol and your skin will thank you in your later years, I can promise you that! 


What are the benefits of using a retinol? 

There are so many benefits that this is why this ingredient is for everyone that wants beautiful, bright, clear and youthful skin. Let me share the three main benefits of using retinol in your pm routine. 

1. Treats Acne: Acne can occur from dead skin cells and sebum blocking the pores causing bacteria and inflammation that causes blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts. Topical retinol increases cell turnover, unblocking pores and reducing inflammation. Acne-focused dermatology expert groups have consistently recommended that most patients with acne use retinol, read more here. 

2. Anti-Aging: Retinol protects the skin against the breakdown of collagen, which is the main cause of aging. It increases cell turnover and collagen production while strengthening the epidermis and also protecting the skin against transepidermal water-loss. This in turn will plump the fine lines and wrinkles and also firm the skin. Retinols have been proven to improve the microenvironment of the dermis. You can read more here. 

3. Improves overall appearance of the skin: it will help even out the skin tone and also texture due to its effect on cell turnover and collagen production. It will also help reduce hyper-pigmentation for a brighter overall complexion. There are many studies suggesting that retinol significantly improved pigmentation and also worked on overall improvement of texture. Read more here. 


Last but not least, not all retinols are created equal. The best retinols will be combined with hyaluronic acid to increase hydration while starting out a retinol. They should also have some sort of liposomal delivery system to make sure the retinol is being delivered to the epidermal/dermal junction where it can work its magic. We highly recommend our Night Dew Drops, with a 0.4% retinol and hyaluronic acid and a liposomal delivery system. 

Now you know why everyone can benefit from this awesome ingredient! Have you used retinol? What was your experience? Share below. 



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