Why Poetry Heals One's Soul

The beautiful thing about Poetry is that it offers insights into both the human psyche and human behavior, and it's a place where the imagination can roam freely. Writing or reading poetry can be healing and transformative because poems reflect the voice of the soul.

Poetry lets us express our own voice and this is extremely beneficial on our healing journey. We have all had the experience of the comfort of soothing words. Finding the words to articulate a traumatic experience can bring relief. Poetry can be born from us naturally in times of need. People are frequently moved to write a poem in times of emotional extremity.

Poetry can be very powerful because it puts a voice to our innermost feelings. It is the dialog of our soul that provides an insight to our feelings, thoughts, and observations. People tend to turn to writing and reading poetry when they're in the midst of powerful feelings. Using poetry as a way of wellness & healing, helps us return to wholeness. What is most magical is how poetry not only heals the poet but also the reader, as it brings a deeper understanding of their own self and helps the reader connect with their own emotions. Poetry helps one connect with their deepest self, making this art the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

If you've ever written a poem, you know that the act of writing a poem can certainly achieve the first part of your healing journey. Every poem I've written has given me some sense of "letting go of whatever is bothering me" or simply "making me feel like I can express myself and be myself".

"Reading or writing poetry creates a space for empathy, for seeing another person, for bearing witness to our common humanity. Poetry, and the arts more generally, allow that chance to be human together"”-- by Campo.

So go buy your favorite poetry book or start writing a poetry journal to begin your journey to healing. Here at Poet's Garden Alchemist, we are poets on a mission to not just illuminate your skin, but also your soul.

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We are Poets on a mission to not only illuminate your skin but also your soul.

Virginia Guarddon, Founder