Windows flung wide open

On this chilly snowy morning
as I take a sip of my coffee
cardamon aromas rising slowly to my cheeks
cup held tightly in between my freezing hands
and my mind's quiet and at ease
when I stretch my head out
into the crispy air
catching dancing snowflakes on my tongue
little reminders of times bygone
and I can't help but let out a silly laugh
as they tingle in my mouth
that's one of those moments
when you see yourself from the outside
wondering how long peace will last this time
before racing heartbeat takes over
my sensitive soul
before petty worries of the mundane
and other people's hurt gets
mistaken for my own
and I sigh,
air rising deeply
in my lungs
as I realize that's the burden
of a compassionate human heart
feeding their insatiable appetite
while they're feeding off my empathy
like hyenas after a hunt
and at times it scares me
and I wonder if it will ever stop
but for now I have those moments
of the morning and quietly at night
when the world is dreaming
and resting from all the battles fought
that's when I am feeling
myself as never before.

By Veronica Lukashevich
Follow her Instagram @theperfectmigrant

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