At Poet’s Garden Alchemist, we are not only dedicated to inspire your skin and body as a whole, but we deeply care about the well-being of our planet. Every year, millions of plastic containers end up on our oceans causing enormous harm to the aquatic life and our environment. By using glass bottles, we offer a great sustainable packaging option that is simple to recycle.

For any plastic we may use on our bottle caps or such, we make sure to only use plastic made with recyclable material and that can be recycled as well. The product cartons and shipper boxes we use are also 100% recyclable. We just ask you to please take the steps to recycle these items to help us help the Earth. We understand that by using more sustainable packaging options we won’t be able to solve the ocean’s plastic pollution situation, but together, with your help, we can take a step on the right direction and make a difference.